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Schindler's List (1993)

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In German-occupied Poland during World War II, Oskar Schindler gradually becomes concerned for his Jewish workforce after witnessing their persecution by the Nazi Germans.

"Schindler's List" is a 1993 American historical period drama film directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg and written by Steven Zaillian. It is based on the novel "Schindler's Ark" by Australian novelist Thomas Keneally. The film follows Oskar Schindler, a Sudeten German businessman, who saved the lives of more than a thousand mostly Polish-Jewish refugees from the Holocaust by employing them in his factories during World War II. It stars Liam Neeson as Schindler, Ralph Fiennes as SS officer Amon Göth, and Ben Kingsley as Schindler's Jewish accountant Itzhak Stern.

Ideas for a film about the Schindlerjuden (Schindler Jews) were proposed as early as 1963. Poldek Pfefferberg, one of the Schindlerjuden, made it his life's mission to tell the story of Schindler. Spielberg became interested in the story when executive Sidney Sheinberg sent him a book review of "Schindler's Ark". Universal Pictures bought the rights to the novel, but Spielberg, unsure if he was ready to make a film about the Holocaust, tried to pass the project to several other directors before finally deciding to direct the film himself.

Principal photography took place in Kraków, Poland, over the course of 72 days in 1993. Spielberg shot the film in black and white and approached it as a documentary. Cinematographer Janusz Kamiński wanted to give the film a sense of timelessness. John Williams composed the score, and violinist Itzhak Perlman performs the film's main theme.

In 2007, the American Film Institute ranked the film 8th on its list of the 100 best American films of all time. The Library of Congress selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry in 2004.

Genre': Biography, Drama, History
Release date: December 15, 1993 (US)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Produced by: Steven Spielberg, Gerald R. Molen, Branko Lustig
Screenplay by: Steven Zaillian
Based on: The novel, "Schindler's Ark" by Thomas Keneally
Music by: John Williams
Cinematography: Janusz Kamiński
Edited by: Michael Kahn

Cast: Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes, Caroline Goodall, Jonathan Sagalle, Embeth Davidtz

Distributed by: Universal Pictures


Academy Awards (1994 / 66th):
  • Best Picture
  • Best Director
  • Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
  • Best Film Editing
  • Best Music, Original Score
Golden Globe Awards (1994)
  • Best Motion Picture - Drama
  • Best Director - Motion Picture
  • Best Screenplay - Motion Picture
BAFTA Film Awards (1994)
  • Best Film
  • David Lean Award for Direction
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Best Screenplay - Adapted
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Score
Overall: 89 wins and 49 nominations

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"Schindler's List" (1993)

"Schindler's List" (1993)

Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Ben Kingsley | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Ralph Feinnes | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
Elina Löwensohn, Ralph Feinnes | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Norbert Weisser | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
Ben Kingsley, Liam Neeson, Caroline Goodall | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
Ben Kingsley, Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Caroline Goodall, Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
Ralph Feinnes | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Ben Kingsley | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Liam Neeson, Olaf Lubaszenko | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
Ralph Feinnes | "Schindler's List" (1993)
Ben Kingsley, Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993)
"Schindler's List" (1993)
Steven Spielberg, Liam Neeson | "Schindler's List" (1993) *
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