"Cimarron" (1931)

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"Cimarron" (1931)

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A newspaper editor settles in an Oklahoma boom town with his reluctant wife at the end of the nineteenth century. - The Oklahoma land rush of 1889 prompts thousands to travel to the Oklahoma Territory to grab free government land; Yancey Cravat (Richard Dix), his young bride, Sabra (Irene Dunne) and their son, Cim, cross the border from Kansas to join the throngs. In the ensuing race, Yancey is outwitted by a young prostitute, Dixie Lee (Estelle Taylor), who takes the prime piece of real estate, the Bear Creek claim, that Yancey had targeted for himself."

Genre': Drama, Western
Release dates: January 26, 1931 (NYC)

Directed by: Wesley Ruggles
Produced by: William LeBaron
Screenplay by: Howard Estabrook, Louis Sarecky
Based on: The Novel "Cimarron" by Edna Ferber
Music by: Max Steiner
Cinematography: Edward Cronjager
Edited by: William Hamilton

Cast: Richard Dix, Irene Dunne, Estelle Taylor, Nance O'Neil, William Collier Jr., Edna May Oliver, Douglas Scott, Eugene Jackson

Distributed by: RKO Radio Pictures


Academy Awards (1932 / 4th):
  • Best Picture
  • Best Writing (Adaptation)
  • Best Art Direction

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* © 1931 - RKO Pictures/Warner Bros

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"Cimarron" (1931)

"Cimarron" (1931)

Irene Dunne, Richard Dix | Cimarron (1931) *
Irene Dunne, Edna May Oliver | Cimarron (1931) *
Irene Dunne, Richard Dix, Douglas Scott  | Cimarron (1931)
Irene Dunne, Richard Dix, Douglas Scott  | Cimarron (1931)
Eugene Jackson  | Cimarron (1931)
Irene Dunne, Richard Dix, Junior Johnston< Helen Parrish, Gloria Vonic | Cimarron (1931)
Lois Jane Campbell, Reggie Streeter | Cimarron (1931)
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