Tom Bower | Working Actor

Tom Bower (1938-2024): he's been in hiding for a long time!

Tom Bower was truly the essence of the working actor. His many varied screen performances have rewarded him with a stable career in Hollywood. His tireless work with the Screen Actors Guild and in support of his fellow actor make him an example for all to follow.

Mindy Sterling  | "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" (1999) [a]

Mindy Sterling - Always busy acting!

Mindy Sterling remembers what happened when she told her father, comedian Dick Sterling, that she wanted to become a performer. 'At the age of 13 my dad decided to get me private acting lessons to do Shakespeare', the Florida-raised Sterling recalls. He said: 'If you learn Shakespeare, you'll be a great actor'. 'And I was hideous - when you're thirteen years old, Shakespeare is NOT how you want to spend your free time! Needless to say, to this day I hate doing Shakespeare.'

Richard Roundtree | Working Actor

Richard Roundtree (1942 - 2023)

Although with consistency being the benchmark for stardom in Hollywood, Richard Roundtree proved to be a star in every sense of the word. As a leading actor and co-star of over forty-five years, he established himself as a constant force with his stellar work in both feature films and television. And yet this "Working Actor" still fit the bill as his roles had varied and his appetite for continued acting assignments never wavered!

John Aylward | Working Actor

John Aylward- Firing on All Cylinders

John Aylward may be best known for his portrayal of the hard-nosed Dr. Anspaugh on NBC's "ER", however, he has spent decades on theatre stages throughout the U.S. and Canada and has performed everything from Shakespeare & Moliere to Shepard & Mamet. And while audiences of TV and film have generally seen him play serious men and downright curmudgeons, Aylward's comic prowess is legend. His versality and talent have made him one busy actor.

Erin Connor | Working Actor

Erin Connor - Bringing her characters to life!

Erin Connor, although not yet widely known in the U.S. truly fits the category of "Working Actor" to a "T". Born and bred near Byron Bay in Australia, Erin grew up on a tropical fruit farm with a menagerie of animals to look after. With a rural upbringing, Erin learnt early on the lessons earned by hard work and community.

Art Hindle discusses playing Dr. Geoffrey Howell | "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978)

Art Hindle - Lucky? ... Indeed!

Art Hindle, born Arthur Hindle on July 21, 1948, in Halifax to a Royal Canadian Navy father, Art's mother soon had him back in their home town of Toronto, Ontario. He grew up in the "Beaches" of Toronto a big fan of Elvis Presley and rock n' roll. Although shy as a child, he grew to be a rebellious and independent teenager.

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