Richard Riehle - Hanging in!

Richard Riehle - Hanging in!

First Published: July 2000
Richard Riehle | Working Actor

Richard Riehle | Working Actor

Richard Riehle | Working Actor
Richard Riehle | Working Actor
Richard Riehle | Working Actor
Richard Riehle | Working Actor
Richard Riehle | Working Actor
Richard Riehle | Working Actor
Richard Riehle, Fintan McKeown | "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)
Richard Riehle | "Chillarama" (2001) ***
Richard Riehle | "Mysterious Skin" (2004)
Richard Riehle & Ellen Crawford | "The Man from Earth" (2007)
Richard Riehle, Christina Mauro | "Stellina Blue" (2009) *
Richard Riehle, Danny Woodburn | "The Search for Santa  Paws" (2010) **
Richard Riehle | "The Search for Santa  Paws" (2010) **
Richard Riehle | "The Search for Santa  Paws" (2010) **
Richard Riehle | "A Very Harold & Kumar: 3D_ Christmas" (2011)
Richard Riehle | "Jack's Not Sick Anymore" (2012)
Richard Riehle as Chief Dale Nickens | "3 Days of Normal" (2012) *
Richard Riehle & Sally Kellerman | "Maron" (2013)
Richard Riehle, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell | "Modern Family" (2013)
Richard Riehle | "Wacko Smacko" (2015)

Richard Riehle was born and educated in the Midwest. He got a BA cum laude in Speech and Drama from the University of Notre Dame, an MFA in Theater Arts from the University and a diploma in acting from The John Fernald Academy.

For most of the next 20 years he worked in regional theaters around the country, starting in summer stock in Indiana up to his Broadway debut in "Execution of Justice". During that time, he was pretty peripatetic, hardly staying in any place as long as a year, performing at the Yale Rep, the Guthrie, and many theaters along the so called I-5 Rep on the West Coast from the Alaska Rep to the Seattle Rep, the Oregon and Colorado Shakespeare Festivals, and ACT in San Francisco to the Arizona Theater Company and many theaters in between.

He earned his Equity card touring the state of Michigan with the MeadowBrook Theater, his AFTRA card doing local TV and commercials, and his SAG card doing "Joyride", an AIP film in Washington. While living in New York in the 80's he began doing more film and TV including most of the daytime serials and films such as "Black Rain and Glory".

After Glory was released he went to LA for the pilot season and was cast as Principal Rooney in NBC's sit com of "Ferris Bueller". Over the years, he's also been a regular in such series as "Grounded for Life" as Walt, "Married to the Kellys" as Uncle Dave, and "The Legend of Korra" as Bumi. And within his first couple of years in LA he did a number of other pilots and an exciting string of movies including "Fried Green Tomatoes", "The Fugitive", "Free Willy" and "Of Mice and Men", as well as guest spots on a number of shows miniseries, and TV movies.

With that kind of a start, he was excited to settle into living and working in LA for the most part, occasionally returning to New York to do a Broadway show like "The Iceman Cometh" with Kevin Spacey or "The Man Who Had All The Luck" by Arthur Miller who took part in rehearsals. In 2015 he did a new play, "Straight White Men", that he performed in at the Kirk Douglas Theater in LA as well as in Toronto, Athens, Brussels, and Ann Arbor.

Since he came to LA, in 1990, he's been fortunate enough to work fairly steadily, going back and forth between film and TV, working with a lot of terrific and talented people. Recently he's found himself doing a lot of independent films, with very committed and passionate young artists, and that's made him even more excited and invigorated about pursuing his craft. And he hopes to continue to do so for as long as he can.

Richard Riehle's advice to the aspiring actor:
Be PreparedIt's so much about being in the right place at the right time,
but when your break comes, you better be ready and able to produce.
Be GratefulIt's such a matter of luck - There's so many people as skilled as you, so many unknowns in every choice - that you shouldn't take rejection personally, but be thankful for every opportunity.
Be HappyThis is such a small community - if you're fortunate, you will be working with the same people again - Help to make it a pleasant experience and everyone will look forward to working with you again.
Be PatientDo whatever it takes to "hang in there" and outlast your competition!


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Richard Riehle's Credits
 2021 Far More
Father Joe
 2020 Of Children and Wine (Short)
 2020 We Love You Not (Short)
Uncle Tommy
 2020 4/20
Lt. O'Kelly
 2020 Faith Based
 2019 Grief Vigilantes (Short)
 2019 Fuller House (TV Series)
Uncle Monty
Family Business (2019) ... Uncle Monty
 2019 3 from Hell
Sheriff Wolf
 2019 Delight in the Mountain
Judge George Hinton
 2018-2019 District City (TV Series)
Principal Cornchob
Pistol Patrol (2019) ... Principal Cornchob (voice)
Plan i (2018) ... Principal Cornchob (voice)
P.O.S.A. (2018) ... Principal Cornchob (voice)
The Pilot (2018) ... Principal Cornchob (voice)
 2019 Trucks (Short)
Truck Driver (uncredited)
 2019 15 Minutes at 400 Degrees (Short)
 2019/IV Waiting (Short)
Old Man
 2019 The Incredible Enzo (Short)
 2019/I Chase
 2019 American Housewife (TV Series)
Field Trippin' (2019) ... Gerald
 2019/I Limbo
 2019 Now Apocalypse (TV Series)
The Downward Spiral (2019) ... Neil
 2018 Jimmy's Jungle
Grandpa Bell
 2018 Deadman Standing
Clarence Potts
 2018 A Very Nutty Christmas (TV Movie)
 2018 Townmouse (Short)
Hardware Store Worker
 2018 Puppy Star Christmas
Santa Claus
 2018 Bullitt County
The Mr.
 2018 Randy's Canvas
Professor Hausdorff
 2018 West of Hell
Mr. Braxton
 2018 PawParazzi
 2018 The Acorn (Short)
Mr. Ives
 2016-2018 The Middle (TV Series)
Sheriff Dugan
Hecks vs. Glossners: The Final Battle (2018) ... Sheriff Dugan
Roadkill (2016) ... Sheriff Dugan
 2013-2018 Drunk History (TV Series)
Ralph Himmelsbach / James Roche
Drunk Mystery (2018) ... Ralph Himmelsbach
Detroit (2013) ... James Roche
 2018 Corporate (TV Series)
Society Tomorrow (2018) ... Hubert
 2018 Bad Apples
Principal Dale
 2018 Another Period (TV Series)
Congress (2018) ... Congressman
 2014-2018 Fireside Chat with Esther (TV Series)
Compte du Barry / Sam / Sir Richard / ...
Happy Year of the Hotdog (2018) ... Sir Richard
It's really not my birthday (2017) ... The Comte
High School Sweet Tart (2017) ... Timothy
April Fooled You (2017) ... King Richard
Oy, Saint Patrick! (2017) ... Pappy
 2017 Golden Vanity
Radio Announcer (voice)
 2017 In the Rough (TV Series)
Duke 'Chopper' McNeil
The River (2017) ... Duke 'Chopper' McNeil
The Turn (2017) ... Duke 'Chopper' McNeil
The Flop (2017) ... Duke 'Chopper' McNeil
The Deal (2017) ... Duke 'Chopper' McNeil
Ante Up (2017) ... Duke 'Chopper' McNeil
 2017 Processing Station (Short)
 2017 Mr. Student Body President (TV Series)
Last Year (2017) ... Principal
 2017 Superior Donuts (TV Series)
Flour Power (2017) ... Murray
 2017 The Pros of Cons (TV Movie)
Richard Doyle
 2017 Aquarians
Father Rob
 2017 See Ya (TV Series)
Rick Buttles
Family Yard Sale (2017) ... Rick Buttles
Get out! (2017) ... Rick Buttles
 2017/II Stag (Short)
 2017 Real Rob (TV Series)
Priorities (2017) ... Kyle
 2017 The Meanest Man in Texas
Mr. Kilpatrick
 2017 20 Weeks
 2017 Nowhere, Michigan
 2017 Breaking Legs
Principal Bater
 2017 The Admired (TV Series)
I Want to Go Back (2017) ... Grossberg
Not What I Thought (2017) ... Grossberg
My Best Friend in the World (2017) ... Grossberg
The Cicada Club (2017) ... Grossberg
 2017 Pitching Tents
 2017 Love at First Glance (TV Movie)
Wally Moore
 2015-2017 NCIS (TV Series)
Walt Osorio
Nonstop (2017) ... Walt Osorio
16 Years (2015) ... Walt Osorio
 2017 Swing State
Tom Fleischman
 2017 Miyubi (Short)
 2016 Schlep
Uncle Bill
 2016 The Admired (Short)
 2016/II The Waitress (Short)
Mr. Decker
 2016 The Real O'Neals (TV Series)
Father Bernard
The Real Move (2016) ... Father Bernard
 2016 Heels
Calvin Lackey
 2016 Major Crimes (TV Series)
Mr. Lutz
Skin Deep (2016) ... Mr. Lutz
 2016 A Father's Secret (TV Movie)
Ian Stone
 2016 Citrus Springs
 2016 Gridlocked (TV Series)
Officer Fuller
Captain Smooth Move (2016) ... Officer Fuller
 2016 Medal of Victory
Ted Crump
 2016 Fear, Inc.
Bill Peterson
 2016 Last Man Club
Grady Reeds
 2016 Blake Chandler: Psychic Investigator (Short)
George 'G' Hammett
 2015 Dementia
 2015 Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves
Sheriff Ryan
 2015 Sex, Death and Bowling
Father Joe
 2015/I Daddy
Al Rubin
 2015 Small Town Famous (TV Series)
Jim O'Connor
The Debate (2015) ... Jim O'Connor
A New Group (2015) ... Jim O'Connor
The Challenger (2015) ... Jim O'Connor
 2015 Contracted: Phase II
Deuce Gelman
 2015 Wacko Smacko (TV Series)
Tony Miller
Sombrero Time (2015) ... Tony Miller
 2015 Boredom (Short)
 2015 Axe Cop (TV Series)
Science Corp Scientist / Secret President Larry / Tutukaka Male
Baboons Rising (2015) ... Science Corp Scientist / Secret President Larry (voice)
The Ultimate Mate (2015) ... Tutukaka Male (voice)
 2015 Roommate Wanted (Video)
Dr. Hoffman
 2015/I Primrose Lane
Officer Braggs
 2015 The Soul Man (TV Series)
Tell It Like It Isn't (2015) ... Larry
 2015 Welcome to Forever (Short)
Mr. Cooper
 2015 Black-ish (TV Series)
Big Night, Big Fight (2015) ... Solomon
 2015 Well Spent ... The Making of Primrose Lane (Short)
Officer Braggs / Self
 2014 The Turtle's Head (Short)
Detective Bing Shooster
 2014 Two and a Half Men (TV Series)
 2014 Amnesiac
 2014 All I Want for Christmas (TV Movie)
 2013-2014 The Legend of Korra (TV Series)
Bumi / Additional Voices
Reunion (2014) ... Bumi (voice)
Venom of the Red Lotus (2014) ... Bumi (voice)
The Ultimatum (2014) ... Bumi (voice)
Original Airbenders (2014) ... Bumi (voice)
In Harm's Way (2014) ... Bumi (voice)
 2014 Mom (TV Series)
 2014 One Week Vacation (Short)
Kevin Winters
 2014 Beggin Space: The TV Series (Short)
President of Beggin Strips
 2014 Mystery Girls (TV Series)
Haunted House Party (2014) ... Walt
 2014 Transformers: Age of Extinction
Theater Landlord
 2014 Comedy Bang! Bang! (TV Series)
Umpire Bill Kessel
 2014 Spooked (TV Series)
Mixed Signals (2014) ... Baw-Paw
 2014 Maron (TV Series)
David Anthony, Sr.
The Mom Situation (2014) ... David Anthony, Sr.
 2014 The Cabining
 2014/I Lovesick
 2014 In Your Eyes
Mr. Padgham
 2014 Gone Doggy Gone
Stan Janson
 2014 Always Woodstock
Mr. Harmon
 2014/I The Scribbler
Officer O'Reilly
 2013 Friend Request
 2013 Sketchy (TV Series)
Santa Gets Fired (2013) ... Santa
 2013 The Newest Testament (Short)
 2013 Mob City (TV Series)
Sergeant Kuzyk
Red Light (2013) ... Sergeant Kuzyk
 2013 Mischief Night
 2013 Coffee, Kill Boss
Vincent Brutsi
 2013 Munchausen (Short)
 2013 Lionhead
Lawyer Bronowitz
 2013 Girl Meets Boy
 2013 Jack's Not Sick Anymore (Short)
 2013 Brad Paisley: Beat This Summer (Video short)
Old Man
 2013 Modern Family (TV Series)
The Future Dunphys (2013) ... Norman
 2013/I Lonely Boy
Mr. Fitz
 2013 Blue Dream
Ted Sellers
 2013 The Neighbors (TV Series)
Janitor Raymond
Cold War (2013) ... Janitor Raymond
 2013 The Mindy Project (TV Series)
George Menken
Mindy's Brother (2013) ... George Menken
 2013 Texas Chainsaw
 2012 A Tiny Portal (Short)
John Turner
 2012 The League (TV Series)
Santa Claus
A Krampus Carol (2012) ... Santa Claus
 2012/I Breathless
Deputy Cole
 2012 BearCity 2: The Proposal
Gabe Hall
 2012 Men at Work (TV Series)
Wake and Bake (2012) ... Gus
 2012 Dead Man's Burden
Three Penny Hank
 2012 Stitch in Time
Norman Stitch
 2012 The Client List (TV Series)
Jim Richardson
Games People Play (2012) ... Jim Richardson
 2012 3 Days of Normal
Chief Dale Nickens
 2012 Lake Effects (TV Movie)
Chairman McCarren
 2012 The Watermen
Belvin Lee Smith
 2012 Bad Ass
Father Miller
 2012/I Last Call
 2012 FDR: American Badass!
Senator Bronson
 2012 Waterwalk
Jim T
 2012 Extracted
Father Riley
 2012 Treasure Buddies (Video)
Professor Thomas Howard
 2011 Black Velvet
 2011 Blue Highway (Short)
 2011 The Ex-Box (TV Series)
Lionel Reed
Daddy's Coming Home (2011) ... Lionel Reed
 2011 Kickin' It (TV Series)
Mr. Coburn
The Great Escape (2011) ... Mr. Coburn
 2010-2011 Pretend Time (TV Series)
Ellen's Grandfather / Mayor
PETA Not on Set (2011) ... Ellen's Grandfather
Blah Blah Blah Main Street (2010) ... Mayor
 2011 Finding Hope (Short)
Sheriff Avery
 2011 Chillerama
Cecil Kaufman (segment "Zom-B-Movie")
 2011/I Bridesmaids
Bill Cozbi
 2011 A Series of Unfortunate People (TV Series)
Family Secret (2011) ... Dad
 2011 The Back-up Bride
Sonny Spur
 2008-2011 Poor Paul (TV Series)
Grandpa Paul / Big Chief Malcolm Roaring Boar
If Fred Can Do It, So Can Paul! (2011) ... Grandpa Paul
'Eff Ups & Stuff (2011) ... Grandpa Paul
It's Not All About You: Part Two (2009) ... Grandpa Paul
It's Not All About You: Part One (2009) ... Grandpa Paul
It's a Poor Paul Wedding (2009) ... Grandpa Paul
 2011 A Bad Thing (Short)
Frank Harrison
 2010 Darnell Dawkins: Mouth Guitar Legend
Howlin' Hal Halsby
 2010 Killer by Nature
Warden Upton
 2010/I Lights Out
 2010 The Search for Santa Paws (Video)
Santa Claus
 2010 Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story
Umpire Joe Francia
 2010 Miss Nobody
Leonard Ormsby
 2010 Breakdance Academy
Principal Collins
 2010 Spork
 2010 5 Star Day
Jim the Plumber
 2010 Gay Baby (Short)
Dr. Feldman
 2010 Funny or Die Presents... (TV Series)
Jerry / Mayor
Episode #1.5 (2010) ... Jerry / Mayor
 2010 Growth
 2009 Rehab for Rejects (TV Movie)
Greg Bishop
 2009 The Quitter Show (TV Series)
Toy Doctor
Smacker (2009) ... Toy Doctor
 2009 Play Dead (Video)
Truck Driver
 2009 Halloween II
Buddy the Night Watchman
 2009 Project Solitude
Frederick Sterling
 2009 Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (Video)
Jude Weatherby
 2009 Nowhere to Hide
 2009 My Summer Friend (Short)
 2009 Better Off Ted (TV Series)
Get Happy (2009) ... Bob
 2009/I The Sacrifice (Short)
Sherrif Avery
 2009 Stellina Blue
Dr. Helfenstein
 2009 Psych (TV Series)
Army Johnson
Earth, Wind and... Wait for It (2009) ... Army Johnson
 2009 Dinner with Raphael (Short)
Mr. Siegfried
 2008 Necessary Evil
Capt. Parsons
 2008 Small Town News (TV Short)
Don Malone
 2008 Our First Christmas (TV Movie)
 2008 The Editor: A Man I Despise (Short)
The Editor
 2008 Bait Shop (Video)
 2008 Audie & the Wolf
Michael Ludlow
 2008 The Clean-Up Crew (Video short)
 2008/I Your Name Here
 2008 Green Flash (Video)
 2008 The Temerity of Zim (Short)
Mr. Brown
 2008 The Only Girl (Short)
Headmaster Selt
 2008/I Hindsight
 2008 Red
 2008/I The Last Word
Man at Gorge
 2007 Desperate Escape
Croaker Norge
 2007 The Young and the Restless (TV Series)
Warden McQueen
Episode #1.8774 (2007) ... Warden McQueen
Episode #1.8773 (2007) ... Warden McQueen
Episode #1.8758 (2007) ... Warden McQueen
Episode #1.8748 (2007) ... Warden McQueen
Episode #1.8737 (2007) ... Warden McQueen
 2007 Big Stan
Judge Perry
 2007 Resurrection Mary
Detective Mahoney
 2007 Aaah! Zombies!!
Colonel South
 2007 A Plumm Summer
Art Bublin
 2007 My Father
John Parker
 2007 Spinning Into Butter
Paul Meyers
 2007 American Body Shop (TV Series)
Bishop Thomas K. O'Banyon
The Bishop and the Pawn (2007) ... Bishop Thomas K. O'Banyon
 2007 The Man from Earth
Dr. Will Gruber
 2007 Choose Connor
Grant Miller
 2007 7th Heaven (TV Series)
Crossroads Mayor
Inked (2007) ... Crossroads Mayor
 2007 The Memory Thief
Judaica Clerk
 2007 Smiley Face
Mr. Spencer
 2006 Community Service (TV Movie)
 2006 Domestic Import
Sam the Mailman
 2006 Fierce Friend
Phone Tech
 2006 Midnight Clear
 2006 Price to Pay
 2006 The Darkroom
 2006 Little Big Top
 2006 All of Us (TV Series)
Sergeant Nelson
Police... Open Up (2006) ... Sergeant Nelson
 2006 The Frank Anderson (Short)
Frank Anderson
 2006 Dorm Daze 2 (Video)
Captain Bunkley
 2006 Down the P.C.H.
 2006 FBI Guys (TV Short)
SAC Blithers
 2006 Z-Squad (TV Series)
King Oolaf
Pilot (2006) ... King Oolaf (voice)
 2006 The Utopian (Short)
 2006 The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
Narrator / Paranormal Historian
 2006 Hatchet
Jim Permatteo
 2006 Hot Tamale
Sheriff Pinkham
 2006 George Lopez (TV Series)
Eddie Carter
It's a Cliffhanger, by George (2006) ... Eddie Carter
 2006 Dark Mind
Detective Rees
 2006/II The Lost
Bill Richmond
 2005 Boston Legal (TV Series)
Dr. Barry Glouberman
The Ass Fat Jungle (2005) ... Dr. Barry Glouberman
 2005 The 12 Dogs of Christmas (Video)
Mayor Nobel Doyle
 2001-2005 Grounded for Life (TV Series)
Walt Finnerty
Oh, What a Knight (2005) ... Walt Finnerty
Hello, Goodbye (2005) ... Walt Finnerty
Part Time Lover (2004) ... Walt Finnerty
Get a Job (2004) ... Walt Finnerty
Tombstone Blues (2004) ... Walt Finnerty
 2005 Jane Doe: The Wrong Face (TV Movie)
Renton Skyler
 2005 Neo Ned
Officer Roy Pendleton
 2005 Detective (TV Movie)
Father Uxbridge
 2005 Darcy's Off-White Wedding (Short)
 2004 Star Trek: Enterprise (TV Series)
Dr. Jeremy Lucas
The Augments (2004) ... Dr. Jeremy Lucas
Cold Station 12 (2004) ... Dr. Jeremy Lucas
 2004 Mysterious Skin
 2004 Palindromes
Dr. Dan
 2004 Come to Papa (TV Series)
Crazy Benny Melman
The Tire Guy (2004) ... Crazy Benny Melman
 2003-2004 Married to the Kellys (TV Series)
Uncle Dave
Kansas v. Tom's Parents (2004) ... Uncle Dave
The Good Son-in-Law (2004) ... Uncle Dave
Whose Pants Are Smarter? (2004) ... Uncle Dave
A Kelly Carol (2003) ... Uncle Dave
The Apartment (2003) ... Uncle Dave
 2004 NTSB: The Crash of Flight 323 (TV Movie)
Ernie Wilson
 2004 Home on the Range
Sheriff Sam Brown
 2004 Death and Texas
Prison Warden
 2003 Beethoven's 5th (Video)
Vaughn Carter
 2003 Monster Makers (TV Movie)
Det. Brennan
 2003 Tremors (TV Series)
Helmut Krause
The Key (2003) ... Helmut Krause
 2003 Fillmore! (TV Series)
Leo Grant
Masterstroke of Malevolence (2003) ... Leo Grant (voice)
 2003 The Hebrew Hammer
 2002 Another Pretty Face (TV Movie)
Hilton March
 2002 ER (TV Series)
Mandrake Patient
A Hopeless Wound (2002) ... Mandrake Patient
 2002 Time Changer
Dr. Wiseman
 2002 Ken Park
 2002 The Laramie Project (TV Movie)
Henderson Trial Judge
 2001 The Gristle
 2001 The Socratic Method
Professor Myers
 2001 Bandits
Lawrence Fife
 2001 The Parlor (Short)
 2001 Joe Dirt
Car Dealer
 2001 Crash Point Zero
Alan Douglas
 2001 Say It Isn't So
Sheriff Merle Hobbs
 2001 The West Wing (TV Series)
Officer Jack Sloan
The War at Home (2001) ... Officer Jack Sloan
Bartlet's Third State of the Union (2001) ... Officer Jack Sloan
 2001 The Fluffer
Sam Martins
 2000 Any Day Now (TV Series)
Nothing Personal (2000)
 1998-2000 Columbo (TV Series)
Sgt Degarmo / Sergeant Degarmo
Murder with Too Many Notes (2000) ... Sgt Degarmo
Ashes to Ashes (1998) ... Sergeant Degarmo
 2000 Sabrina the Teenage Witch (TV Series)
The Wild, Wild Witch (2000) ... Jedediah
 2000 Providence (TV Series)
Simon, Inspector
The Storm (2000) ... Simon, Inspector
 2000 City of Angels (TV Series)
Dr. Whitney
Ax and You Shall Receive (2000) ... Dr. Whitney
 2000 Star Trek: Voyager (TV Series)
Seamus Driscol
Spirit Folk (2000) ... Seamus Driscol
Fair Haven (2000) ... Seamus Driscol
 1999 The New Adventures of A.R.K. (TV Series)
 1996-1999 Diagnosis Murder (TV Series)
Deputy Sheriff Harmon Tolliver / Dustin Woods
Santa Claude (1999) ... Deputy Sheriff Harmon Tolliver (uncredited)
Murder by the Busload (1996) ... Dustin Woods
 1999 Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
Bob Bigalow
 1999 Hard Time: Hostage Hotel (TV Movie)
Capt. Rich Waters
 1999 Blink of an Eye
Main Prison Guard
 1999 Au Pair (TV Movie)
Sam Morgan
 1999 Balloon Farm (TV Movie)
 1999 The Wonderful World of Disney (TV Series)
Balloon Farm (1999) ... Earl
 1999 Hard Time: The Premonition (TV Movie)
Capt. Waters
 1999 Office Space
Tom Smykowski
 1999 Kill the Man
Mr. Ellias
 1999 The Arrangement
Det. Bert Hershak
 1998 Mighty Joe Young
Commander Gorman
 1998 Route 9 (TV Movie)
Agent Wallace
 1998 Richie Rich's Christmas Wish (Video)
Sgt. Mooney
 1998 Home Improvement (TV Series)
Detective Roberts
Bewitched (1998) ... Detective Roberts
 1998 Maggie (TV Series)
The Frog
The Greatest Story Ever Toad (1998) ... The Frog (voice)
 1998 Chicago Hope (TV Series)
Milo Schwarz
Sarindipity (1998) ... Milo Schwarz
 1998 Mr. Murder (TV Movie)
John Wexel
 1998 Judas Kiss
Security Guard
 1998 The Ransom of Red Chief (TV Movie)
Narrator / Sheriff 'T-Bone' Yankum
 1998 Perfect Prey (TV Movie)
Detective Bevlan
 1998 Lethal Weapon 4
INS Agent
 1998 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Dune Buggy Driver
 1998 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series)
Becoming: Part 1 (1998) ... Merrick
 1998 The Lesser Evil
Detective Smitts
 1998 The Odd Couple II
Chief of Police
 1998 Mercury Rising
Edgar Halstrom
 1998 The Pentagon Wars (TV Movie)
General Vice
 1998 The Pretender (TV Series)
Graham Hawkes
Indy Show (1998) ... Graham Hawkes
 1998 Desperate Measures
Ed Fayne
 1998 Brooklyn South (TV Series)
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Tears on My Willow (1998) ... Donald Jarman
 1997 Dilemma
Captain Ross
 1997 River Made to Drown In
Heavyset Man
 1997 One of Our Own
Burt Herchak
 1997 Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest (TV Movie)
Jack Ogden
 1997 The Practice (TV Series)
Mr. Holt
Sex, Lies and Monkeys (1997) ... Mr. Holt
 1997 The Visitor (TV Series)
Principal Shinagel
Fear of Flying (1997) ... Principal Shinagel
 1997 Ally McBeal (TV Series)
Jack Billings
The Kiss (1997) ... Jack Billings
Pilot (1997) ... Jack Billings
 1997 One Eight Seven
 1997 Perversions of Science (TV Series)
People's Choice (1997) ... Gorn
 1997 Trading Favors
Highway Patrolman
 1997 High Incident (TV Series)
Knock, Knock (1997) ... Roy
 1997 Men Behaving Badly (TV Series)
The Odds Couple (1997) ... Stranger
 1996 Ghosts of Mississippi
Tommy Mayfield
 1996 Last Resort
Phil Billingsley
 1996 The Single Guy (TV Series)
Mr. Van Wagner
Best Man (1996) ... Mr. Van Wagner
 1996 Driven
 1996 Kirk (TV Series)
Dr. Arthur Bacanovic
For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll: Part 2 (1996) ... Dr. Arthur Bacanovic
For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll: Part 1 (1996) ... Dr. Arthur Bacanovic
 1996 The Fan
 1996 Too Fast Too Young
 1996 Murder One (TV Series)
Pat Ferguson
Chapter Twenty-Three (1996) ... Pat Ferguson
 1996 Soul of the Game (TV Movie)
Pete Harmon
 1996 Executive Decision
Airline Marshal George Edwards
 1996 Terminal (TV Movie)
Security Chief
 1996 The Client (TV Series)
Sergeant Phil Rucker
Motherless Child (1996) ... Sergeant Phil Rucker
 1995 Lone Justice 2
 1995 Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (Video Game)
Chief Technician Robert 'Pliers' Sykes
 1995 New York Daze (TV Series)
 1995 Trial by Fire (TV Movie)
Fred Cobb
 1995 Killer: A Journal of Murder
Warden Quince
 1995 Dominion
 1995 Jury Duty
Principal Beasely
 1995 Casino
Charlie Clark
 1995 A Stranger in Town (TV Movie)
 1995 Get Smart (TV Series)
Mr. Winters
Pilot (1995) ... Mr. Winters
 1994 Gambler V: Playing for Keeps (TV Movie)
Frank Dimaio
 1994 Stalker: Shadow of Obsession (TV Movie)
 1994 Holy Matrimony
 1994 Lightning Jack
 1994 Iron Will
 1993 Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss (TV Movie)
Mort Aberdine
 1993 Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times (TV Series)
Judge Longley
Oscar (1993) ... Judge Longley
The Smink Brothers (1993) ... Judge Longley
A Ghost Story (1993) ... Judge Longley
Return to Plum Creek (1993) ... Judge Longley
 1993 The Fugitive
Old Guard
 1993 Free Willy
 1993 Sirens (TV Series)
Irving Chattle
Keeping the Peace (1993) ... Irving Chattle
 1993 Shaky Ground (TV Series)
Henry McCallister
Love Thy Neighbor (1993) ... Henry McCallister
 1993 For Their Own Good (TV Movie)
Dave Butler
 1989-1993 L.A. Law (TV Series)
Roger Beekman / Edmund Clancy
Spanky and the Art Gang (1993) ... Roger Beekman
Helter Shelter (1992) ... Roger Beekman
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (1989) ... Edmund Clancy
 1992 C.C.P.D. (TV Movie)
 1992 Body of Evidence
Detective Griffin
 1989-1992 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)
Sergeant Devon O'Malley / Aaron
The Wind Around the Tower (1992) ... Sergeant Devon O'Malley
Dead Letter (1989) ... Aaron
 1992/I Hero
 1992 Of Mice and Men
 1992 The Public Eye
Officer O'Brien
 1992 Prelude to a Kiss
Jerry Blier
 1992 On the Air (TV Series)
Dr. Winky
Episode #1.3 (1992) ... Dr. Winky
 1992 Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series)
The Inner Light (1992) ... Batai
 1992 Roseanne (TV Series)
Mr. Evans
Lies (1992) ... Mr. Evans
 1992 Civil Wars (TV Series)
Richard Sturdevant
Whippet 'Til It Breaks (1992) ... Richard Sturdevant
 1991 Fried Green Tomatoes
Reverend Scroggins
 1991 Keeper of the City (TV Movie)
Captain Walder
 1991 Shadows and Fog
 1990-1991 Ferris Bueller (TV Series)
Principal Ed Rooney
A Night in the Life (1991) ... Principal Ed Rooney
Grace Under Pressure (1990) ... Principal Ed Rooney
Baby You Can't Drive My Car (1990) ... Principal Ed Rooney
Stand-In Deliver (1990) ... Principal Ed Rooney
Scenes from a Grandma (1990) ... Principal Ed Rooney
 1991 The Golden Girls (TV Series)
Detective Parres
 1991 Father Dowling Mysteries (TV Series)
L.A. Detective Miller
The Malibu Mystery (1991) ... L.A. Detective Miller
 1990 Broken Badges (TV Mini-Series)
Pilot (1990)
 1990 A Killer Among Us (TV Movie)
Oscar Wendt
 1990 People Like Us (TV Movie)
Anthony Feliciano
 1990 His & Hers (TV Series)
Mr. Mueller
Dueling Therapists (1990) ... Mr. Mueller
 1989-1990 Quantum Leap (TV Series)
Clifford Vargas / Lt. Lannon
Leaping in Without a Net - November 18, 1958 (1990) ... Clifford Vargas
Play It Again, Seymour - April 14, 1953 (1989) ... Lt. Lannon
 1990 Nasty Boys (TV Series)
The Good, the Bad, and the Nasty (1990) ... Gardner
 1990 So Proudly We Hail (TV Movie)
 1989 Glory
 1989 Dragnet (TV Series)
Oliver Brady
Nouveau Gypsies (1989) ... Oliver Brady
 1989 Cast the First Stone (TV Movie)
 1989 Cross of Fire (TV Movie)
 1989 Falcon Crest (TV Series)
George Beeker
Payback (1989) ... George Beeker
 1989 My Two Dads (TV Series)
Ed Steinbauer Jr.
Say Goodnight, Gracie (1989) ... Ed Steinbauer Jr.
 1989 Black Rain
 1987 Rachel River
 1978 The Other Side of Hell (TV Movie)
Tattooed Man
 1977 Joyride

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