Pat Skipper - has a reliable / repeatable process

Pat Skipper - has a reliable / repeatable process

Premiered: December 2023
Pat Skipper as Bill Scully Jr. w/Gillian Anderson | The X-Files: 'Gethsemane' (1997)

Pat Skipper as Bill Scully Jr. w/Gillian Anderson | The X-Files: 'Gethsemane' (1997)

Pat Skipper as Morrissey | "Memoirs of an Invisible Man" (1992)
Pat Skipper as Bill Scully Jr. w/Shelia Larkin | The X-Files: 'Gethsemane' (1997)
Pat Skipper as Bill Scully Jr. | The X-Files: 'Gethsemane' (1997)
Pat Skipper as Bill Scully Jr. | The X-Files: 'Gethsemane' (1997)
Pat Skipper as Defense Lawyer | "Erin Brockovich" (2000)
Pat Skipper as John Avery | "Cold Case" (2005)
Pat Skipper w/Dee Wallace, Scout Taylor-Compton | "Halloween" (2007)
Pat Skipper as Sam Delacroix | "Bosch" (2015)
Pat Skipper at "Bosch" Event
Pat Skipper as Judge Mitchell Davis w/Kevin Costner | "Yellowstone" (2022)
Pat Skipper as William Randolf Hearst | "Babylon" (2022)
Pat Skipper as William Randolf Hearst | "Babylon" (2022)
Pat Skipper as William Randolf Hearst w/Margo Robbie | "Babylon" (2022)
Pat Skipper as William Randolf Hearst w/Margo Robbie | "Babylon" (2022)
Pat Skipper | Working Actor (Headshots)

Pat Skipper is probably best known for his television work on Yellowstone, Bosch, Mad Men, Shameless, Boston Legal and The X-Files. On film, he appeared in Oppenheimer, Babylon, Den of Thieves Part 2, and in Rob Zombie’s Halloween as Mason Strode.

The only surefire way to become a working actor is to hire yourself. Pat Skipper learned this lesson the hard way. He got out of college and no one wanted to hire him. No one. He was pretty green and he sucked at auditioning. He’d get very tight and blow opportunity after opportunity. So, Pat did two things: he put himself into acting class and tried to get better, and he teamed up with some friends and started a theatre. 

One of the plays he produced, along with his friends Will Cantler, Bernie Telsey, and the late Bob LuPone, was a long one-act by Alan Bowne called Beirut. They had the good luck to hire a 21-year-old Marisa Tomei to play the lead, and it became a hit. It moved to a large Off-Broadway house and eventually to Los Angeles where it ran for 6 months at the Matrix, with Marisa reprising her role opposite a young Jason Patric. Pat Skipper cast himself in the juicy walk-on part of the Guard. That’s how he became a working actor.

Due to the buzz from the play, people wanted to meet Pat. He had more confidence in his abilities. And it started to pay off. He got a small part in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street before he left New York, and within a month or two of being in LA, he was cast in a pilot for Fox called the Dirty Dozen which shot in Yugoslavia. After that, being a working actor got a whole lot easier.

Pat has guest starred in more TV shows than he can count, including Yellowstone, Bosch, Mad Men, Shameless, Justified, Bones, The West Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Boston Legal, NYPD Blue, ER, LA Law, Quantum Leap, Charmed, and dozens of others that no one remembers (but the checks cashed and the residual money flowed). He’s perhaps best known for playing Agent Dana Scully’s brother on The X-Files. He did a bunch of TV movies with titles like Blue-Eyed Butcher, Dying to Live, and Dancing with Danger that were a whole lot more fun to make than they were to watch. Pat was also honored to work with some of the most successful film directors in Hollywood: Christopher Nolan, Damien Chazelle, Steven Soderbergh, Rob Zombie, Christian Gudegast, Richard Donner, and John Carpenter.

Pat Skipper also coaches actors in his North Hollywood Studio (which he considers his most important work), and he continues to follow his “make your own work” philosophy. He proudly acted in short films written and produced by his students, including Blue Moon and Brotherly Blood. He was recently voted Outstanding Actor at the Nice International Film Festival for his work in We Are the Apocalypse! (written and directed by his old college roommate, Charles William Lane).

Skipper was born in 1958 in Lakeland, Florida. He was educated at Florida State University and Yale University. He is married to composer/arranger Jennifer Hammond. Their twins, Levi and Amelia, were born in 2002.

Pat Skipper's advice to the aspiring actor:

The most effective path to improving as an actor: have a reliable and repeatable process; and, get in as many repetitions as you possibly can. Just like in the gym, good reps build strength.

Every great process begins with immersion in the Given Circumstances. We appeal to our imaginations by asking questions. Who I am? Where did I grow up? Where do I work? Who do I love? Who is my partner? What will make me happy? What is my problem? Questions lead to more questions. Our imaginations guide us away from cliché and down the path towards truthful action.

Acting is play. But it’s play at a very high level. To play like Patrick Mahomes or Serena Williams requires a shit ton of practice and preparation. Once the cameras are rolling, though, we give it all up and respond truthfully to the stimulus we’re getting from our acting partners. Play like a pro.

Make your own work. Think of yourself not as an actor but as a creator. Make stuff. The only surefire way to become a working actor is to hire yourself. Never stop creating.


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The Working Actor: A No Bullshit Approach to Winning the Acting Game
Paperback – September 21, 2015
by Pat Skipper (Author), Titus Welliver (Foreword)

Pat Skipper's Credits
 2023Brotherly Blood (Short)                     
 2023/I Oppenheimer                     
James Byrnes

 2023 Perry Mason (TV Series)
Man at Business Meeting

- Chapter Fifteen (2023) ... Man at Business Meeting

 2023 The Company You Keep (TV Series)
Henry Scoals

- Company Man (2023) ... Henry Scoals
 2022/I Babylon
William Randolph Hearst
 2022/I Blue Moon (Short)

 2022 Yellowstone (TV Series)
Judge Mitchell Davis

- Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops (2022) ... Judge Mitchell Davis
 2021 We Are the Apocalypse ! (Short)
 2021 Raise Your Hand
Officer James
 2019 L.A. Confidential (TV Movie)
Asst Chief Thad Greene

 2017 Shameless (TV Series)
Chuck Hartley

- Icarus Fell. And Rusty Ate Him. (2017) ... Chuck Hartley

 2017 Stitchers (TV Series)
Commander Spencer

- Dreamland (2017) ... Commander Spencer

 2015 Bosch (TV Series)
Sam Delacroix

- Chapter Ten: Us and Them (2015) ... Sam Delacroix
- Chapter Five: Mama's Boy (2015) ... Sam Delacroix
- Chapter Six: Donkey's Years (2015) ... Sam Delacroix
- Chapter Four: Fugazi (2015) ... Sam Delacroix

 2014 Perception (TV Series)
Ronnie (Sheriff)

- Silence (2014) ... Ronnie (Sheriff)

 2013-2014 Mad Men (TV Series)
Tom Pruitt

- Field Trip (2014) ... Tom Pruitt
- The Doorway, Part 2 (2013) ... Tom Pruitt
- The Doorway, Part 1 (2013) ... Tom Pruitt

 2014 The Mentalist (TV Series)
Mitch Daniels

- The Golden Hammer (2014) ... Mitch Daniels

 2013 Last Resort (TV Series)
General Ashland

- Damn the Torpedoes (2013) ... General Ashland
 2012 Blue-Eyed Butcher (TV Movie)

 2010 Justified (TV Series)
The Reverend

- Fathers and Sons (2010) ... The Reverend

 2010 Medium (TV Series)
Bill Ruettiger

- Dead Meat (2010) ... Bill Ruettiger
 2009 The Pool Boys

 2009 Eleventh Hour (TV Series)
Gill Strickland

- H2O (2009) ... Gill Strickland

 2005-2008 Boston Legal (TV Series)
Attorney Michael Roker

- Roe (2008) ... Attorney Michael Roker
- Truly, Madly, Deeply (2005) ... Attorney Michael Roker
- 'Til We Meat Again (2005) ... Attorney Michael Roker

 2007 The Young and the Restless (TV Series)                     
Chairman Thomas Creswell

- Episode #1.8785 (2007) ... Chairman Thomas Creswell
- Episode #1.8784 (2007) ... Chairman Thomas Creswell
- Episode #1.8783 (2007) ... Chairman Thomas Creswell
- Episode #1.8781 (2007) ... Chairman Thomas Creswell

 2007 Criminal Minds (TV Series)                     
Harris Townsend

- Identity (2007) ... Harris Townsend
 2007 Halloween                     
Mason Strode

 2007 Standoff (TV Series)                     

- Backfire (2007) ... Red

 2007 The Riches (TV Series)                     
Randall Prutt

- Been There, Done That (2007) ... Randall Prutt (uncredited)
 2006 Capitol Law (TV Movie)                     
Deak Harper

 2006 Bones (TV Series)                     
Vince McVicar

- The Woman in Limbo (2006) ... Vince McVicar

 2005 Night Stalker (TV Series)                     
Agent Richard Walton

- The Source (2005) ... Agent Richard Walton

 2005 Cold Case (TV Series)                     
John Avery

- The Promise (2005) ... John Avery
 2005 See Arnold Run (TV Movie)                     
Mike Murphy

 2003 Strong Medicine (TV Series)                     

- Love and Let Die (2003) ... Jerome

 2003 Tremors (TV Series)                     
Bill McClane

- Shriek and Destroy (2003) ... Bill McClane
 2003 Seabiscuit                     
Seabiscuit's Vet

 2003 Miracles (TV Series)                     
Detective Bander

- Hand of God (2003) ... Detective Bander

 2003 The West Wing (TV Series)                     
Senator Jimmy Hoebuck

- Guns Not Butter (2003) ... Senator Jimmy Hoebuck
 2002 Fits and Starts                     

 2002 The Guardian (TV Series)                     
Wade Meyers

- The Chinese Wall (2002) ... Wade Meyers
- Shelter (2002) ... Wade Meyers

 2002 NYPD Blue (TV Series)                     
Lloyd Rogers

- Low Blow (2002) ... Lloyd Rogers

 2001 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series)                     

- Tough Love (2001) ... Doctor (uncredited)

 2001 Boston Public (TV Series)                     
Mr. Webb

- Chapter Fifteen (2001) ... Mr. Webb
 2001 The Princess & the Marine (TV Movie)                     
Mr. Kennedy

 2001 Once and Again (TV Series)                     
Coach Herchow

- Scribbling Rivalry (2001) ... Coach Herchow
- Life Out of Balance (2001) ... Coach Herchow
 2000 Code Blue (Video Game)                     
Homer Farrow (voice)
 2000 Ed Gein                     
Sheriff Jim Stillwell

 2000 Level 9 (TV Series)                     
Alton Howard

- Mail Call (2000) ... Alton Howard

 2000 Walker, Texas Ranger (TV Series)                     
Detective Baker

- Deadly Situation (2000) ... Detective Baker
 2000 Erin Brockovich                     
Defending Lawyer

 2000 Any Day Now (TV Series)

 2000 Chain of Command                     
Agent Ellroy
 1999 Emergency Room 2 (Video Game)

 1999 Charmed (TV Series)                     
Nathaniel Pratt

- Morality Bites (1999) ... Nathaniel Pratt

 1999 Good vs Evil (TV Series)                     
Rayley Morris

- Airplane (1999) ... Rayley Morris

 1999 That '70s Show (TV Series)                     

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 1999 The Magnificent Seven (TV Series)                     

- Chinatown (1999) ... Macafee
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Coach Dugger

 1999 Pensacola: Wings of Gold (TV Series)                     
Lt. Col. Drew Campbell

- Cuba Libre (1999) ... Lt. Col. Drew Campbell

 1998 ER (TV Series)                     
Carl Dayton

- Good Luck, Ruth Johnson (1998) ... Carl Dayton

 1998 Nash Bridges (TV Series)                     
Lt. Darren Isley

- Apocalypse Nash (1998) ... Lt. Darren Isley

 1998 JAG (TV Series)                     
Brigadier General Albanese

- Father's Day (1998) ... Brigadier General Albanese

 1997 The X-Files (TV Series)                     
Bill Scully Jr.

- Emily (1997) ... Bill Scully Jr.
- Christmas Carol (1997) ... Bill Scully Jr.
- Redux II (1997) ... Bill Scully Jr.
- Gethsemane (1997) ... Bill Scully Jr.

 1997 The Practice (TV Series)                     
Officer Guthrie

- Part V (1997) ... Officer Guthrie (uncredited)
 1997 The Pest                     
Glen Livitt

 1996 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV Series)                     
Mr. Marshall

- Separate But Equal (1996) ... Mr. Marshall

 1996 The Pretender (TV Series)                     
Paul Bilson

- Every Picture Tells a Story (1996) ... Paul Bilson
 1996 Independence Day                     
 1996 The Rock                     
Navy Lt. Commander (uncredited)

 1996 Frasier (TV Series)                     

- The Focus Group (1996) ... Gary
 1996 Hellraiser: Bloodline                     
 1995 Trade-Off (TV Movie)                     
Kirk Daniels

 1994 Sweet Justice (TV Series)                     

- Story of My Life (1994) ... Phil
 1994 Dancing with Danger (TV Movie)                     

 1994 Picket Fences (TV Series)                     
FBI Agent

- Terms of Estrangement (1994) ... FBI Agent

 1994 Renegade (TV Series)                     
Arlie Wilson

- Sheriff Reno (1994) ... Arlie Wilson
 1993 Demolition Man                     
Helicopter Pilot

 1993 The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (TV Series)                     
Donovan Joe

- The Orb Scholar (1993) ... Donovan Joe

 1990-1993 Quantum Leap (TV Series)                     
Lucas 'Luke' Marlet / Tequila

- The Beast Within - November 6, 1972 (1993) ... Lucas 'Luke' Marlet
- M.I.A. - April 1, 1969 (1990) ... Tequila

 1993 Class of '96 (TV Series)                     
George Reed

- Midterm Madness (1993) ... George Reed
 1992 Memoirs of an Invisible Man                     

 1991 L.A. Law (TV Series)                     
Russ Snyder

- Do the Spike Thing (1991) ... Russ Snyder

 1989-1991 China Beach (TV Series)                     
Tucker / Morrison

- The Always Goodbye (1991) ... Tucker
- Afterburner (1989) ... Morrison
 1991 Femme Fatale                     

 1991 Paradise (TV Series)                     

- A Study in Fear (1991) ... Swenson
- See No Evil (1991) ... Swenson
- A Bullet Through the Heart (1991) ... Swenson
 1991 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (TV Movie)                     
 1990 The Dreamer of Oz (TV Movie)                     
Charlie H. Gage
 1990 Predator 2                     
Federal Team
 1990 By Dawn's Early Light (TV Movie)                     
Secret Service Agent
 1990 Deathstone                     
Tony McKee

 1989 Hunter (TV Series)                     
Dennis Sweeney

- The Legion: Part 2 (1989) ... Dennis Sweeney (uncredited)
- The Legion: Part 1 (1989) ... Dennis Sweeney
 1989 Lethal Weapon 2                     

 1988 Matlock (TV Series)                     

- The Mistress (1988) ... Dan

 1988 The Dirty Dozen (TV Series)                     

- Danko's Dozen (1988) ... Brody
 1987 Wall Street                     
Postal Inspector

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