Art Hindle - Lucky? ... Indeed!

Art Hindle - Lucky? ... Indeed!

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Premiered: December 2021
Art Hindle discusses playing Dr. Geoffrey Howell | "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978)

Art Hindle discusses playing Dr. Geoffrey Howell | "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978)

Art Hindle as Dr. Geoffrey Howell w/Brooke Adams | "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978)
Art Hindle as Dr. Geoffrey Howell w/Donald Sutherland | "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978)
Art Hindle as Billy Duke | "Winter Comes Early" aka "Faceoff" (1971)
Art Hindle as Billy Duke | "Winter Comes Early" aka "Faceoff" (1971)
Art Hindle discusses playing Chris Hayden | "Black Christmas" (1974)
Art Hindle as Chris Hayden w/Sara Botsford | "Black Christmas" (1974)
Art Hindle | Early Headshots
Art Hindle as Frank Carveth | "The Brood" (1979) *
Art Hindle as Frank Carveth | "The Brood" (1979)
Art Hindle as Frank Carveth | "The Brood" (1979)
Art Hindle as Ted Jarvis | "Porky's" (1981)
Art Hindle w/Jack Mulcahy | "Porky's" (1981)
Art Hindle as Jeff Farraday| "Dallas" (1982)
Art Hindle as Noah Kilmartin | "Mutant X: Blood Ties" (2002)
Art Hindle as Elijah the Prophet | "Elijah the Prophet" (2012) **
Art Hindle | Working Actor
Art Hindle as Captain Colin Shaw w/Jonathan Aris | "Air Crash Investigation: Cleared for Disaster" (2010)
Art Hindle as Cheney Mason w/Oscar Nuñez, Kelly Wolfman, Virginia Welch | "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" (2013)
Art Hindle as Jack Dodd | "The Memory Book" (2014)
Art Hindle getting into character as Mitchell | "The Void" (2016)
Art Hindle as Frank w/Jeremy Ferdman | "Robbery" (2018)
Art Hindle as Frank | "Robbery" (2018)
Art Hindle as Frank w/Jeremy Ferdman | Poster for "Robbery" (2018)
Art Hindle as Joe w/Richard Dryfuss | "Astronaut" (2019)
Art Hindle as President of USA | "Making a Deal with the Devil" (2019)
Art Hindle as Pops Carson | "Christmas in Montana" (2019)
Art Hindle as Pops Carson w/Colin Ferguson, Kellie Martin, Ava Preston | "Christmas in Montana" (2019)
Art Hindle w/Sarah Power | "The Good Witch" (2020)
Art Hindle as Ernie w/Jayne Eastwood | "Inn Love by Christmas" (2020)
Art Hindle as Ernie w/Jayne Eastwood, Jonna Walsh, Jesse Hutch | "Inn Love by Christmas" (2020)
Art Hindle w/Brigette Kingsley | "Astonishing Tales of Terror" (2021)
Art Hindle as Capt. Roberto w/Ashley Bryant | "Nightalk" (2022)
Art Hindle | Recent Headshots
Art and Brooke Hindle
Art Hindle | Working Actor ***

Art Hindle, born Arthur Hindle on July 21, 1948, in Halifax to a Royal Canadian Navy father, Art's mother soon had him back in their home town of Toronto, Ontario. He grew up in the "Beaches" of Toronto a big fan of Elvis Presley and rock n' roll. Although shy as a child, he grew to be a rebellious and independent teenager. This lead him to much traveling, mostly by hitch-hiking, picking up odd jobs, meeting all sorts of people from red-necks to freedom marchers to surfers and everyone in between. By the time he was 21, he was a father, a stockbroker and an amateur photographer. A much admired uncle of Art's was Michael Kane, a talented and successful actor, albeit not to be confused with the one who once bowed before the Queen, as Art reminds us! This had piqued Art's interest in acting during his teens. Although fairly successful himself, as a broker, he basically felt unfulfilled and eventually, after being inspired and touched by a Toronto Workshop Productions play, he made the commitment to leave the stock market for theatre. Although he worked, basically, as an unglorified gofer for a few months with TWP, eventually he got an acting agent, mostly with a false resume, and started auditioning mostly for commercials. It was at this time that Art credits a discovery that changed his future. Someone, he can't remember who, directed him to the Eli Rill Workshop. Eli had moved to Toronto from New York, where he taught at the Actor's Studio. Kind, gentle and articulate, Eli lucidly communicated techniques and explorations of the Method. Art thrived in this environment and soon started applying his knowledge to getting acting jobs. His first big role was in a biker movie, "The Proud Rider" (1971), spawned by the popularity of "Easy Rider" (1969). Art actually worked with a real motorcycle gang, the Satan's Choice. It was during the making of this rather bad movie that Art almost changed his professional name to Jeremy Kane. The producers thought that Art should have a more "show biz" name and took his photo to a girls school and asked the students to suggest first names and last names. They then took these names to Art and asked him to pick one of each. He liked the name Jeremy and chose Kane in honor of his uncle. The first person he called was his uncle Michael. Michael told him in no uncertain terms to stick to his own name. Art did so, but the other name is still connected to the film. The other anecdote was when the producers asked Art if he could ride a "bike," he took them "literally" and said he could, but that when it came to motorcycles his brother Lang Hindle was much better, being a champion road racer. Cast for the part late on a Thursday, Art had to learn to ride a motorcycle by Monday morning. The next big step was being cast as Billy Duke, the best hockey player in the world, drafted by the Maple Leafs to lead them back to the playoffs in the film "Winter Comes Early" (1971), Canada's first million-dollar movie. This film led to offers from Hollywood, which he resisted until work dried up and Art, who had 4 children by this time, finally moved to Los Angeles.

Art credits much of his success in California to luck. He felt he was lucky having Patricia McQueeney as his manager and a dynamic pair of agents in Arnold Rifkin and Nichole David. Over the years Art has come to be known as a "working actor" involved as a leading actor in some "classic" films and numerous pilots and series. His work in "ENG", one Canada's most successful series, won him a Acting Gemini and his Pete Braga in "Paradise Falls" (2001) has been described as a "classic performance" although Art credits brilliant writing for all the plaudits. Also, in the early 1990s, Art added the credit Director to his impressive resume. He and his beautiful wife, Brooke now split time between California, Florida and Canada spending time with their much beloved children, all 8 of them, and their 6 grandchildren. Lucky? Indeed!

Art Hindle's advice to the aspiring actor:

 quote-leftThe best advice I can offer comes from one true pedagogues of the craft, Stella Adler who said:
"Actors should stimulate emotional experience by imagining the scene's 'given circumstances,' rather than recalling experiences from their own lives."

Hands down the best acting teacher there ever was... Read anything & everything she has ever written about acting...

Anecdote about Stella : There's a story by a student who studied with Adler, who slowly peeled her bra off under her clothes, while lecturing about Tennessee Williams in Los Angeles, "You listened to me, didn't you, because you were fascinated with what I was doing with my bra?" Adler insisted on the truth living in our imagination and that it was an "unending pool of information and research to be accessed."

And of equal value, this quote from Uncle Michael Kane: "In your career, you may have to eat crap, but you don't have to say 'Yummy'!"


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Elijah the Prophet
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Dirk Winfield
 1987 The Gunfighters (TV Movie)
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 1987 Once a Hero (TV Series)
James Bowie
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 1986-1987 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)
Rod Wilson / Sam McKittrick
- The Days Dwindle Down (1987) ... Rod Wilson
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Lt. Matt Sosha
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John F. Kennedy
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 1985 Berrenger's (TV Series)
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- Unaired Pilot ... Rick Tucker
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A. J.
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Mike Farmer
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Frank Carveth
 1979 The Power Within (TV Movie)
Chris Darrow
 1979 Some Kind of Miracle (TV Movie)
 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Dr. Geoffrey Howell
 1978 The Clone Master (TV Movie)
Dr. Simon Shane
 1977 For the Record (TV Series)
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- The Anonymous Hero (1977) ... Tony Marino
- The Night Scene (1977) ... Tony Marino
- Dateline: Fear City (1977) ... Tony Marino
- The Cult (1977) ... Tony Marino
- Monolith (1977) ... Tony Marino
 1976 The Blue Knight (TV Series)
- The Rose and the Gun (1976) ... Conrad
 1976 Most Wanted (TV Series)
Eddie Harris
- The Heisman Killer (1976) ... Eddie Harris
 1976 Baretta (TV Series)
Russell Walters
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 1976 A Small Town in Texas
 1976 Law and Order (TV Movie)
Patrick O'Malley
 1975 Starsky and Hutch (TV Series)
John Colby
- The Deadly Imposter (1975) ... John Colby
 1975 Cannon (TV Series)
- The Hero (1975) ... Machner
 1975 Police Story (TV Series)
- Officer Needs Help (1975) ... Jake (as Arthur Hindle)
 1974 Black Christmas
Chris Hayden
 1972 George (TV Series)
 1972 Programme X (TV Series)
Melissa's boyfriend
- The Cutty Stool (1972) ... Melissa's boyfriend
 1971 Police Surgeon (TV Series)
- Where Are the Lucky Stars (1971) ... Ned
 1971 Winter Comes Early
Billy Duke
 1971 Foxy Lady
Football Star

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Art Hindle has enjoyed one terrific career, and deserves this recognition!