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Pictured: Kristopher Kolpek, 1st AD


Call to Action | Blog Offer

Call to Action | Blog Offer

Sat, 03/10/2018 - 17:13
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Have you ever wanted to have your own Internet Blog?
We are looking for seasoned industry professionals to contribute their expertise in this, "The Crafts" section at IndustryCentral.

If selected, you will be provided with a Blog space and be able to contribute whenever you have an idea you wish to share with other Industry Professionals, Newbies, and students of film and television production.

Here are some of the features:

  • Your own Blog Space
  • Online WYSIWYG editor *
    • if you know Microsoft "Word"TM or other word processors, you will pick it up quickly!
      • You can even write your draft in Word, and paste it into the editor!
  • You will submit a draft that will go through a workflow process between you and an Editor/Supervisor.
    • At first you might simply submit the text and upload some images.
    • The Editor/Supervisor will help you configure your posting to conform to our theme.
    • As time goes on, you'll pick up the entire process and be able to post on your own.
      • Subject to approval of course.
    • Your Blog will not be published until all agree it's ready to go!
      • As you develop more experience, the workflow process will streamline itself.
  • Sound intimidating? It's really not... In the end it will actually become a joy!
  • We are sure you will ultimately garner a great deal of pride in the fact that you are "Giving Back"!

We must tell you that this is, for now a Voluntary position, however as the site grows we hope to be able to offer a modest honorarium to our Loyal Expert Contributors.

* What you see is what you get


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 Photo camera Credits 
[A] Pictured: Alan Caso, ASC
[B] Pictured: Michele Monaco Hetrick (MU); Nick Sarando (Script)
[C] Pictured: Veronica Rodarte (MU); Laura San Giacomo (Cast)
[D] Pictured: Isona Rigau Heras (Production Designer)
[E] Pictured: Bruce A. Simon (First A.D.)
[F] Pictured: Dalton Trumbo (Screenwriter)