IndustryCentral Links Database - Linking Policy

You are invited to add your website to the IndustryCentral Links Database as long as it meets certain criteria (see below). We must maintain this policy in order to keep this website topical!

You may add your website in a maximum of two categories (seperate submissions) at this time. The only exception being our Job Posting Category. You may add an additional resource here if you maintain a seperate page for this purpose. The resource must link directly to the employment page.

All Resources added or modified, will be validated prior to being included in the database!

If you are the owner or responsible party for a resource already in our database, but do not have administrative privileges to that resource, we have provided a link to an application form on the "Modify a Site" page where you are encouraged to apply for a user name and password for that resource. Once accepted, you will be able to modify the resource information at any time.

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