IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange
What is the IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange?

The IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange is a banner exchange network for the industry related webmaster who wants free advertising on a network targeted to motion picture and television industry professionals.

How Does it Work?

1. You create an ad banner for your site.
2. You agree to let other participating industry websites advertise on your site.
3. You insert the IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange HTML code on your site.
4. You earn banner exposures for your site.
5. Your banner is shown on participating sites with a link back to your site!

Why Join the IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange?

The IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange is a serious banner exchange network made up of industry related web sites. If you want to get your message out to the motion picture and television community then this Exchange is for you!

All Exchange member ad banners appear for free at IndustryCentral and other member sites. Our member's banners generally receive a greater 'click-thru' ratio than they would on non-targeted networks like LinkExchange. Why? Because our network's ads are reaching their target audience!

Exchange members get up to the minute banner performance tracking and statistics.

The IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange doesn't allow 'scam' business sites, pornographic, adult oriented sites or morally lacking ad banners. Only reputable Industry Related sites are welcome to participate.

All banners in the exchange are the standard 468x60 size. in gif89, sataic or animated, or jpg format. Maximum file size 15kb.

Our base exchange ratio is 2:1, meaning for every two banners displayed on your site, you receive one in the exchange.

You receive 1000 ad exposures free for joining.

You can also purchase extra ad exposures at very reasonable rates! See Premium Plans(below) for details.

If you maintain a Motion Picture / Television Industry related web site, then joining the Exchange is a good way to help make your site more successful!

You must read and agree to our Exchange Policy before you proceed. (see below)

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