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  • Anecdotes from the Industry's Past June 22 - 09:36 pm

    Please use this forum to view and post anecdotes and stories from the Motion Picture and Television Industry's past!

  • Runaway Production July 26 - 04:35 pm

    This HOT subject affects everyone. Read what others have said, and give us your input!

  • Screen Credits November 11 - 09:31 am

    The pioneers of our Industry fought long and hard for acknowledgement of their work through Screen Credits. How do you feel about the direction the networks have taken regarding screen credits!

  • Age & Sex Discrimination July 26 - 03:37 am

    Share your feelings and experiences about this volatile subject.

  • Events & Announcements August 9 - 08:58 am

    Post news of upcoming events and reports about recent events here!

  • General Comments July 23 - 12:30 pm

    Post messages of General Interest here!

  • Comments about IndustryCentral July 15 - 11:50 pm

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