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This is the forty eigth in a continuing feature at IndustryCentral profiling "The Working Actor". (See Archives below)
William Shakespeare said "There are no small parts--.". William Shatner may have said it too, but the longhair with the tights was first, or so the reports go. In this feature we will explore what it really means to be an actor working in Motion Pictures and Television.
Broad public acknowledgment may have eluded some who find their way to these pages, or perhaps they may have brushed against what is referred to as stardom by virtue of one or more remarkable performances. However for many, the rewards of plying their craft in a field which has allowed them to earn a living may exceed the burdens of public acclaim. Given the chance, some in this clan might prefer the longevity offered by anonymity over the potential for short lived fame.
These individuals, either by design or fate, have managed to sustain a career by crafting performances which rendered them a good casting choice. They are usually thought of as a face you recognize, but you just can't get the name past the tip of your tongue.
Most of these folks have spent countless hours on stage in theaters ranging from 20 seats to 2000, building characters from the works of Ibsen, to Eliot, to Williams, to yes even Shakespeare, and so many of the modern Playwrights. They have rounded their skills doing drama, comedy, & musicals. Their work is a serious venture.
These people have given us screen performances which quite often were the catalyst that brought an Oscar or Emmy to another and yet they continue to work as "Characters" or "Co-Stars" without the trophies and plaques adorning their mantle.
Katharine Hepburn | Bob Hope
Katharine Hepburn (May 12, 1907 - June 29, 2003)  Bob Hope (May 29, 1903 - July 27, 2003)

Katharine Hepburn and Bob Hope who were clearly institutions in the Industry we all know and love were recently lost to us, But Movie stars that they were we sometimes forget their respective roles as Working Actors.

Between them they plied their trade in over 100 films and countless television appearances. Their stories are being told everywhere so there is little need to repeat that here. We just wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge their contributions to our lives and offer condolences to those who were personally close to them.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to review the past Profile Subjects we have presented over the last few years as indeed many of their performances were likely inspired by the work of Hepburn and Hope!

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