IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange
IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange Policies
All members of the IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange are required to agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Anyone determined by IndustryCentral to have violated these terms and conditions is subject to being banned from this exchange without any obligation by IndustryCentral to redeem any earned credits.

Members agree to include the full unmodified HTML code provided by IndustryCentral for displaying banner ads on their website, in as many or few pages as they wish. IndustryCentral reserves the right to verify the placement and correctness of its HTML code through any means.

The following types of sites are NOT allowed to participate in the IndustryCentral Exchange: Sites containing pornographic material, sites with links to pornographic sites, sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, sites providing instructions or discussions about performing illegal activities, sites engaged in libelous or harassing activities, sites that promote or utilize software or services designed to deliver unsolicited e-mail, sites that are otherwise inappropriate. IndustryCentral will not allow members to list affiliate websites or sub-directories of a website, members must link to a top level domain names to participate. IndustryCentral reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether sites may participate in IndustryCentral's Advertising Exchange.

Members acknowledge that this Exchange is a free service except where additional exposure credits have been purchased. At any given time, the IndustryCentral Exchange HTML code on a member's website may display an advertisement from a sponsor, from another member, or from IndustryCentral.

All IndustryCentral Exchange HTML codes must be placed on a page such that the majority of people visiting that page will see and notice the banner ad that is being displayed. IndustryCentral reserves the right to deactivate accounts for websites that display an inordinate number of banners for or links to competing banner exchange services, sites that contain little or no original content. A member may not artificially inflate traffic counts to his/her site using a device, program, or other means.

A member may not insert more than one IndustryCentral Exchange HTML code on any page. A member may not include the IndustryCentral Exchange HTML code on any pages that automatically reload or go to another page without interaction from the user (i.e., client pull or server push) or on a page which is inaccessible to the general surfing population including but not limited to pop-up windows and hidden frames.

A member may not place his/her IndustryCentral Exchange HTML code on pages that are unrelated to the site being advertised. Anyone found in violation of these policies will be banned from this program.

IndustryCentral retains ownership and all rights to the IndustryCentral name, logo, software, databases, reports, website, and information. IndustryCentral reserves the right to restrict the use of its name, system, logo, software, lists, databases, reports, and any information created or obtained by IndustryCentral. However, each individual website has the right to use information obtained by IndustryCentral on the site or in the promotion of the site. Members acknowledge and agree that their website information (name, URL, traffic counts, etc.) may be utilized by IndustryCentral. All members agree to utilize the services of IndustryCentral at their own risk. IndustryCentral, its administrators, partners and sponsors cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur from the use of the services of IndustryCentral. Although we will make a reasonable effort to provide a high standard of quality for our services, IndustryCentral makes no guarantees of any kind regarding the dependability, accuracy, or timeliness of the services of IndustryCentral.The information provided by IndustryCentral to members may be proprietary in nature. Members acknowledge that they are not competitors of IndustryCentral, and agree not to share this information with any competitors. Anyone found in deliberate violation of these terms and conditions is subject to being banned from this program.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold IndustryCentral and all other exchange participants harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liability costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys' fees) arising from your violation of this Agreement or any third-party's rights, including but not limited to infringement of any copyright, violation of any proprietary right and invasion of any privacy rights. This obligation will survive any termination of this Agreement.

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