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What is the IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange?
The IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange is a free program available to all Motion Picture & Television Industry-related web sites. It works just like some of the larger programs such as Linkexchange, however unlike this one, these exchanges are not highly targeted. At the IndustryCentral Advertising Exchange only Motion Picture & Television Industry websites may join. This means that your banner will only be seen on highly targeted web sites who's traffic is similar to yours. This will increase the number of clicks on your banner, and therefore bringing more people to your website.
Why is it free?
We offset the cost of running this system by including paid banners from the IndustryCentral General Banner rotation. If you would like to be included in this program, please take a look at our Premium Plan 2.
How often is my banner shown on other websites?
For every two banner impressions displayed on your site, your banner is displayed on another site. You can increase this ratio by subscribing to one of our "premium" packages (see "Buy Credits" below).
Do I have to do anything special to join?

No, all you have to do to join, is have a Motion Picture & Television Industry-related website, and a banner which conforms to our "internet standard" sizes and formats. Image size 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. gif89, animated gif, and jpg formats accepted. Banner file size may not exceed 15 kilobites.

My Site doesn't run Banners. May I advertise on IndustryCentral Anyway?

Yes. You may subscribe to one of our Premium Packages which will give you highly targeted exposure within the IndustryCentral website. These packages include a free submission to the Exchange, however unless you are prepared to include the exchange in your website, the Exchange portion of the package would not be included.

I do not currently have a banner, how can I make a one?
There are services on the internet that will help you make your banner online. Banner Generator and Crecon Banner Creation are a few. There are also many free programs available on the net that can help you make a banner offline. Paint Shop Pro is a good one. It can be downloaded at
Can you make one for me?
If you prefer, we will create one for you for $35.00. Just send us an email, and tell us what you need.
My existing banner is larger than 15k, how do I make it smaller?
You can go to The Web Site Garage and have it's size shrunk for free.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.

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